The team at Rose Arts Productions headed down to the #BVE North expo held at Manchester Central on the 13th of November 2012.

Having been to Manchester numerous times, with every visit it just seems to just get better; a great location, definitely a great place to have a few more photoshoots.

As usual BVE was packed, full of like minded, technology lovers. The day passed learning and meeting some great people with a special mention to a few specific stands that were the stand outs.

Firstly, the lads at #CVP, were extremely helpful as always. We got to have a good hands on look at some of the newest cameras on the market, specially the #BlackMagic 2.5k cine camera which personally I’ve been dying to get my hands on. They had a couple on display in various configurations and they did live up to their hype. A truly versatile piece of kit and sheer number of options in terms of configurations where truly mind blowing.

After oogling and playing around with the ‘precious’ for a while, we managed to attend a couple of lectures over at the #IOV stand. Not the usual boring stiff ones but practical advice in various parts of your relevant field; It made a nice change and really useful practises to use and adhere to.

The team also got a lot of helpful information from the guys at the #BECTU stand. The whole team were definitely on top of their game, knew everything that we threw their way and also gave me a lot of advice in business growth from their perspective having had over 50 years experience in this industry. Nice to know that we are both on the same page :-) . Definitely gave me some food for thought both in terms of how we approach this business but how this union could also be another benefit.

As always, the team continually bumped into some familiar faces and some new ones. That’s one of the things I do totally love about going to these things, no matter how big people say this industry is, I’ve always found especially at these kind of things we are all a very tight knit community.
You will always bump into someone you’ve met before and always make a few new acquaintances.

For me this time, it was an outdoor location director at the #Sennheiser stand. It was really interesting hearing about someone else’s passion for a similar field of video making but with a subject matter so totally different to ours and how his outlook on that was obviously different.

Unfortunately that was our last little ‘field trip’ of 2012 but we already have a few more planned for next year …2013.

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