As the world of media evolves, the demand to achieve the best of angles, shots and captures becomes ever more apparent.
Rose Arts Productions are therefore pleased to announce that they are the first Scottish asian company to the introduce the Jib Crane as part of their ever growing service.
Not only do Rose Arts Productions use the latest software to aid with editing and producing great videos and photographs, we also source and utilize top of the range equipment and hardware to ensure that our capture is the best.

What is a Jib?

A Jib is literally an extendable arm on top of a fixed base mounted on a track system.  Sounds complicated, but really its a camera, on an extendable and adjustable arm high up in the air, that can move with accordance to the track system set out by the team of people controlling it.

So whats so special about that.  Well, it allows us to capture shots otherwise impossible, movements otherwise missed with traditional filming and most of all creating scenes otherwise associated with Films and TV.

For instance, a couple’s first dance at their reception.  With a normal basic capture, the cameraman will circle around them, get some close ups, zoom into the faces and surroundings. With a Jib Crane capture however, we can do all that, but include aerial shots, circling above the bride and groom, capturing the whole width of the hall, swifter movements high, low, left and right, taking in all the background and surrounding.

That is the purpose of Jib.

Rose Arts Productions aim to produce the highest level of  creativity within the capture of your  event, making it all truly remarkable and unique.  Using the Jib Crane, we know we deliver on this promise.

As they say a picture paints a thousand words, so please do check out our sample video below of the Jib Crane in action.  Also make sure to check out the video folio section for more videos of our work and shortly, more videos of the Jib in Action.



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