Media Editing

Rose Arts Productions prides itself in producing all your media in-house; Aligning, rendering and displaying your content the way in which you have always envisaged it.

Editing is the most important aspect of any media process, if the capture is edited out of sync, without key members, key events or key areas specific to you, the memories that potentially could be created are lost. As many companies choose to outsource editing to countries were they can produce cheaper alternatives, Rose Arts Productions keep the unity developed between the client and provider. We know who your nearest and dearest are, we know what special moments you had in your event, we know exactly what you are looking for…not some random third party in India. This is why we do not outsource like others. This also allows us to edit your movies with things you may want taken out, unlike others who provide one version…the only version.

Using only the best and highest spec’d machines and software, we create all your media in house, editing you big day as you will have previously discussed with us; Including the most important people, capturing the most important stages and producing the most important aspect of your event…creating the most important memories.

There is always a moment within a capture that you may not like, you really wish you could take it out, or edit it in such a way were its less obvious. Well now you have a solution, Rose Arts Productions will aim to deliver exactly what you want.