Memories are one of the most important aspects of life, from which we can remember a happy event, an important time in ones life or a missing loved one; There will always be a moment when you sit, reminisce and smile.

Rose Arts Productions aim to deliver exactly this, a video that will bring a family together, a video that you can laugh, smile and occasionally cry a few tears over.

Rose Arts boast an extensive list of work in Video Production, including Weddings, Parties, Work for STV, Work for the BBC and numerous Music Videos.

By using only the finest equipment, Rose Arts aim to deliver HD quality viewing with exceptional concepts and content.  By working closely with our clients, each Video will include exactly what the client wants to portray.

Our most recent service in Video Production comes through the means of the Jib Crane, a capture like no other, from heights and angles otherwise impossible.  Be sure to check out our video and blog post for more information.

We ensure that our videos are concise, each and every special moment captured and portrayed poignantly.

Be sure to check out our Video Portfolio, Services and then all that’s left to do is get booking…